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                    DHS Furniture Company

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                    About us
                    Company Profile
                    Our Service
                    Our Service  
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                     What could we do for you ?
                    1. Offer you all the products showed on our web-site.
                    2. Could be agent for your OEM and ODM orders in china for all the customized products.
                    3. Offer good service to you for sourcing any products and cooparation factory in china .
                     Our Speciality
                    1. We are familiar with the products
                    2.Have large amount of informations of factories and productions.
                    3. We've already have good partners in the field of products design, mold set-up and production thus it will ensure best services to you.
                    4. Being as a trading company, we are with resonable commercial sense and consistency for well controlling quanlity, cost, delivery.\
                    5.Low commission than other company.
                     Other Services:
                    1. Help you to Book a Hotel.
                    2. Supply a car and driver for your daily-use.
                    3. Translation and market guiding
                    4. Purchase & forwarding agency, export service
                    5. Warehouse, Quality & Delivery inspection
                    6. International freight
                    7. We arrange shipment, prepare documents, and fax copy of B/L to you.
                    We are sure our service will save your time, money, and energy!
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